Detail Estimate including cause of failure, failed components, and a detailed list of required parts and labour costs

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Time-stamped ECM fault code report

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Picture of failed component(s), if applicable

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Picture of current Odometer and ECM Mileage

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Refer to Limited Warranty Agreement for more information
1. Recovery

Take or tow Your Vehicle to the nearest Licensed Repair Facility. Do not operate Your Vehicle  should there be an overheat condition or low oil pressure that is out of range of OEM  specifications, otherwise a denial of the claim might occur. Use all means to protect Your  Vehicle from further damage. 


2. Repair Facility 


You must notify the Repairer that Your Vehicle carries a CTW warranty at the time of arrival to  the Repairer. You must authorize the Repair Facility to perform any diagnostics of Your Vehicle.  Discontinue operation of Your Vehicle immediately – Your claim may be denied if You  continue to operate the Vehicle once a claim call has been initiated. 

3. Service Order 

The Repair Facility must contact CTW with the following information: 


  • Customer name, phone number and email address (and lien holder, if applicable)

  • Complete VIN

  • A detailed estimate including cause of failure, failed components, and a detailed list of  required parts and labour costs

  • A recent time stamped ECM fault code report

  • Picture of the failed component(s), if applicable

  • Picture of current odometer and ECM kilometerage

  • Customer’s vehicle specific maintenance records

  • Copy of ownership and insurance may be required 


If a claim is not validated by Our claims department, for whatever reason, You will be  responsible for the diagnostics and repairs. Claims can be submitted online at, by calling 1-877-385-5757 or by emailing

4. Approval/Denial 

CTW must authorize repairs before Repair Facility can begin work. 

Once all paperwork is received, CTW claims department will review all information and issue  an approval or denial. CTW cannot make a decision until all paperwork is received and must  be received within 5 days of claim start date. 


5. Payment 


CTW CANNOT reimburse a customer for claim payment. 

Payments for covered claims MUST be paid by CTW directly to the Repair Facility via Check, Wire Transfer, or Credit Card (authorization form required). 
Upon completion of repairs: perform a road test, run a post repair ECM fault codes report and submit along with your parts / labour warranty information and provincial invoice for payment. This information must be received and all monies paid prior to release of the vehicle. 

Truck warranty warranty, mechanical warranty

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